What to Expect with Partial Dentures

What to Expect with Partial Dentures

Aug 01, 2019

If you have one or more missing teeth, then dentures are the best option for you. The best type would be the removable partial dentures. This type of dentures is connected with your natural teeth or dental crowns using attachments or clasps, giving you a natural-looking smile. For a customized solution for filling gaps between your teeth, your dentist in Houston, TX, 77075, may recommend partial dentures as an economical way to improve your smile. Let’s explore more:

The Partial Dentures Process

Your dentist will determine, if you are the right candidate for partial dentures. Once that’s done, the Houston dentist near me will take impressions of your gums and arches. The molds will help in creating the framework and teeth portion of your partial dentures. If the need arises, the dentist near you will place crowns on your adjacent teeth to provide a stable, secure attachment for the partial dentures. After that, your dentist will make sure they fit perfectly and provide you with certain guidance to take care of them.

Adjusting to Your Partial Dentures

While it’s normal to feel a little discomfort as you adjust to your new partial dentures. With practice, you will get accustomed to inserting and removing them, but never force your partial dentures into place. Your dentist will want you to understand the process to remove the partial denture at night.

Caring for Your Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures in Houston can last a lifetime, if taken proper care and good oral hygiene routine. Taking good care of your dentures is very essential. You must follow the instructions given by your family dentist in Houston. Use a special brush or very soft toothbrush for cleaning your partial dentures, along with mild hand or liquid dish soap. Keep your partial dentures safe and clean in a box provided by your dentist. Partial dentures don’t need very special care, but considerable attention to detail will make a difference in its wear and tear.

If, you are considering getting partial dentures, then do visit the dentist near you in Houston for best options.