Teeth Whitening FAQs

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Jul 01, 2020

Do you clean your teeth and gums daily, and the discoloration on your teeth doesn’t change? Teeth whitening in Houston Tx is your solution. Our committed dental team provides a personalized treatment plan to whiten your teeth to your satisfaction. Before discussing what options are available for teeth whitening, it’s essential to understand what causes tooth discoloration.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

Various factors cause teeth discoloration; some affect the dentine while others the enamel. Intrinsic and extrinsic factors cause tooth discoloration. The inherent factors affect the inner structure of the tooth, causing the dentine to tint or darken. Extrinsic stain happens when the enamel (outer layer) is stained.

  •  Certain medications. Antibiotics, blood pressure medications, antihistamines, chemotherapy lead to intrinsic discoloration.
  • Dental trauma. If you fall, you may experience internal bleeding leading to intrinsic discoloration within your tooth. In children, a fall can disrupt the formation of the enamel.
  • Age. The teeth turn yellow over time. The dentine layer becomes yellow, and the dental enamel grows thinner with time. Smoking and eating certain types of foods continues to stain your teeth.
  • Foods and beverages such as coffee, wine, tea, and dark soda stain your teeth. Sugary or highly acidic foods can damage dental enamel and make the teeth dull.
  • Tobacco – smoking damages the appearance of the tooth enamel. The tar in tobacco leaves a dark brown residue on the surface of the teeth. The nicotine in cigarettes turns yellow in the presence of oxygen.
  • Dental materials used in dentistry can stain your teeth
  • Excessive fluoride from environmental sources can cause discoloration.

What Are the Teeth Whitening Options Available?

No matter the cause of your teeth discoloration, there is a solution. Visit our dental office near you, and we will choose a suitable tooth whitening treatment. Some of the treatments available include:

  • In-office professional teeth whitening 

Professional teeth whitening is done at the dental office. Our dentist will apply a whitening gel (hydrogen peroxide) on the enamel for 15 minutes and rinse it off.

The teeth whitening process is repeated two or three times based on the severity of the discoloration.

In-office teeth whitening is performed and supervised by our dentist. It’s safe, and the results are reliable. The results are better because the dentist uses stronger bleaching gels.

  • Cosmetic whitening products

Cosmetic products are readily available, but they may be as effective. Some of the products either contain little or more hydrogen peroxide, which will have dissatisfying results.

We recommend in-office whitening treatment. If you want at-home whitening kits, our dentist in Houston Tx can customize whitening trays for you.

  • Zoom teeth whitening 

Zoom teeth whitening involves the application of the bleaching agent and Zoom light, which activates the hydrogen peroxide for better results. The procedure is done in three 15-minute intervals.

How Long Will the Whitening Results Last?

The effects of teeth whitening vary from one person to another. But, on average, the results will last for 18 months. Your lifestyle influences the teeth whitening results. If you want to have a bright smile for longer, avoid smoking and drinking. Plus, ensure you brush and floss teeth twice a day to keep your teeth whiter.

Are You Eligible for Teeth Whitening?

Although most people can benefit from teeth whitening procedures, some people may not be eligible. The dentist may opt for other treatments if you:

  • Experience chronic sensitivity
  • Have periodontal disease and tooth decay
  • Have oral cancer
  • Damaged enamel
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Are allergic to whitening agents

Side Effects of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is safe, but you may experience teeth sensitivity after the procedure. Most times, the sensitivity clears on its own. However, our dentist at Almeda Dental may recommend a tooth-sensitive toothpaste to ease the discomfort.

Are Baking Powder and Activated Charcoal Effective?

The use of baking powder has surged because it is believed to remove stains. However, the abrasive nature of the baking powder may damage the enamel and make it weak.

Activated charcoal also does not offer any satisfactory results.

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Whitening teeth is safe as long as you stick to the approved methods. Follow the directions of our dentist and contact us if you experience side effects. Our dentists are available on Saturdays.