Root Canals in Houston, TX

Root Canals in Houston, TX

Are you getting ready for a root canal treatment at Almeda Dental in Houston? If you’re frightened of the upcoming endodontic therapy, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Plenty of people are scared when it comes to having their first root canal done.

Process of Root Canal near you

You might be wondering what the actual procedure of a root canal at Almeda Dental entails. Well, not to worry! We’ve got you covered. The dentist in Houston is going to be drilling down into your tooth to remove all of the infected pulp that’s causing your tooth pain. Once that’s done, he’ll seal it so as to prevent future problems from arising. He’ll probably use x-rays that will act as a guide for working on your infected tooth. Other instruments may also be used at Almeda Dental. You may receive a temporary crown while you wait for your custom one to be crafted by a technician at a dental lab.

In some cases, a filling isn’t all that’s needed. The dentist may recommend that you attend a follow-up appointment, so he can place a crown over the tooth. This is going to protect the tooth against any further decay that may build up and allow you to start chewing on that tooth again without feeling pain.

Sedation for Root Canal in Houston, TX

You might be worried about how long the procedure’s going to take when you’re getting a root canal treatment. Well, it can take several hours for the dentist to complete, and during that time, you’ll have to keep your mouth open the entire time. This can prove to be extremely uncomfortable. That being said, your mouth will be entirely numb, so you won’t feel a thing that the dentist is doing. In some cases, the dentist may use sedative as well, to make sure you stay calm. It all depends on your comfort level.

Why wait? Get Root Canal Treatment Near You today!

You may be tempted to procrastinate getting the procedure done, but you don’t want to wait too long. Waiting on getting your endodontic therapy can lead to further infection and more pain. It’s best just to go and get it over with. Your dentist at Almeda Dental in Houston can answer any further concerns you might have.