Dental Fillings in Houston, TX

Dental Fillings in Houston, TX

Fillings are a common dental procedure, but that doesn’t make them any more fun. It also doesn’t mean you should settle for just any dental care. At Almeda Dental, you can rest easy knowing Dr. Thu Nguyen treats every filling with the utmost care. We bring experience and attention to detail to every job we do.

All about Fillings in Houston, TX

Fillings are a routine dental procedure. A filling is actually an implant that is placed in the cavity of your tooth after we’ve removed the decayed portion. Because of this, you may need a filling without realizing it. It’s important to see a dentist near you routinely to be sure you get them quickly if needed.

The process is simple and involves local anesthesia to numb the tooth. Then, we drill into the tooth and remove the decayed portions. A composite resin then fills the area.

Technology-driven Fillings in Houston, TX

We’re proud to have a competitive advantage when it comes to fillings. Our state-of-the-art advanced technology begins from the moment you sit down. We employ cutting-edge 3D X-Rays and Portable Intra Oral X-Rays so that we can best tackle how to handle your filling.

These tools are much more comfortable and cut down on the time you’ll spend in the chair. They are also much more accurate, so this improves the level of care we can provide to you. By having a better understanding of your tooth’s architecture, once we begin, the process will be much faster.

Post-Filling Dental Care near you

We are proud to offer a 3-year warranty on all work we perform, including fillings. This means that our excellent level of service stays with you after your filling is complete. We believe our work will last, and we want you to have that same level of confidence. Don’t settle for our competitors, whose care only lasts as long as you’re in their office.

The Language of Dentistry

Fillings can be scary, so we want to be able to communicate every step of the way. We believe the true language of dentistry is compassion. So regardless if you speak English, Spanish, or Vietnamese, your filling will be taken care of by an accommodating staff who speaks your language.

Dental Fillings in Houston, TX with Promotional Offers

If you think you need a filling, don’t delay, because right now we’re offering special promotions! Come in and get a free exam and X-ray! And for our Grand Opening Special, if you’re one of the lucky first 100 patients, we’ll give you a complimentary t-shirt, plus a free 1-hour teeth whitening session! But there can only be 100 recipients, so don’t delay!

Think beyond fillings in Houston, TX

Choosing a dentist can be frustrating, but if you need the best in Houston, TX, look no further. We aim to take the best care of your fillings and any other procedures you may need. Almeda Dental is your equal partner in quality oral care. Our dental practice welcomes patients from the surrounding communities of South Houston, Edgebrook, Almeda, Southbelt, and Pearland.