Dental Exams & Cleanings in Houston, TX

Dental Exams & Cleanings in Houston, TX

At Almeda Dental, we believe that prevention is an essential part of providing our patients with the best professional dental care possible. We recommend that most of our patients visit Almeda Dental at least twice a year to receive routine care, including dental exams and cleanings in Houston. By scheduling routine dental care, our patients can greatly reduce their risk of tooth decay, cavity formation, oral infections, and even gum disease. When is the last time you visited us for your Houston dental examination and cleaning? If it has been longer than 6 months, contact our dentist near you today.

Dental Examinations in Houston, TX

Do you know what tooth decay, oral infections or the early signs of gum disease look like? Most patients don’t, making it extremely important to schedule routine dental examinations. During your comprehensive oral examination, Dr. Thu Nguyen will thoroughly examine your smile, gums, tongue, and overall oral health to check for any signs of risk factors for tooth decay, oral infections, gum disease, and even oral cancers. In the event that any problems are noticed, your dentist in Houston, TX, can create a treatment plan to address the problem before it has time to advance into something more serious.

Dental Teeth Cleanings Treatment in Houston, TX

Although at-home dental care is an essential part of maintaining optimal oral health, that doesn’t mean you can neglect professional dental cleanings. During your dental cleaning in Houston, your dentist will use specialized tools, knowledge, and experience to ensure that every corner of your mouth is clean, even those hard to reach areas where bacteria, plaque, and tartar tend to hide and thrive. Patients that neglect to schedule routine dental cleanings in Houston tend to have a higher risk of tooth decay, oral infections, and even periodontal gum disease.

Schedule Dental Exams & Cleanings in Houston Today

Ready to schedule your routine dental checkup? Contact Almeda Dental today to schedule your oral examination and teeth cleaning in Houston. You can also book an appointment online by using our convenient scheduling form. Let us know! We look forward to treating you. Our office welcomes patients from the neighboring areas of South Houston, Edgebrook, Almeda, Southbelt, and Pearland.