Preventing Cavities And Strengthening Your Teeth Becomes Easier With Fluoride Treatments

Preventing Cavities And Strengthening Your Teeth Becomes Easier With Fluoride Treatments

Dec 01, 2019

If you want to build strong teeth while preventing cavities at the same time you should be having fluoride treatments that have been an essential oral health treatment for years. Fluoride can support healthy tooth enamel and fight the bacteria that harm the teeth and gums. The enamel is the outer protective layer of every tooth.

If you are at a high risk of developing dental caries or cavities you will find fluoride treatments especially helpful. The cavities occur when bacteria build up on the teeth and gums to form a sticky layer known as plaque. Plaque can produce an acid that can erode the teeth and gum tissue. When the plaque breaks through the enamel layer it can infect and harm the nerves and blood at the center of the tooth.

You may believe that the dentist near me can provide fluoride treatments but your belief alone will not help you unless you contact the dentist for the treatment.

What Can You Expect During Professional Fluoride Treatment?

Dentist 77075 will provide professional fluoride treatments with a highly concentrated rinse, varnish, gel, or foam. The treatment will be applied by using a swab, brush, tray, or mouth wash. These treatments are more concentrated than the fluoride available in water and toothpaste. The application only requires a few minutes but you may be advised to avoid eating or drinking for about half an hour after the treatment to let the fluoride be absorbed. You must give your dentist your entire health history to make sure they choose the right treatment for you.

Is Fluoride Treatment Affordable?

Children are usually covered by insurance policies for fluoride treatments at dentists. Adults, however, will be required to pay $10-$30 or more out of pocket for the treatment. You may, however, ask your dentist about the costs before the treatment.

What Are The Benefits of Fluoride Treatments?

The dentist in Houston TX will provide you information that this treatment functions by restoring minerals to the surface of the tooth where bacteria may have affected the enamel. It can also prevent the growth of harmful oral bacteria to inhibit further cavities. Fluoride is not capable of removing decay but as it creates a stronger outer surface of the teeth it can prevent the decay from penetrating the deeper parts of the teeth. Fluoride is beneficial for both children and adults and the earlier children are exposed to fluoride the better it is for them to prevent cavities.

Can Any Side Effects Be Expected From This Treatment?

Negative complications can arise if too much fluoride is used just like any other medication. You may get too much fluoride either by accidentally overdosing or being prescribed a dose that’s too high for you. It is the reason why dentists offering fluoride treatment in Houston TX exercise caution because chronic overexposure to fluoride has the potential to harm the bones and teeth in younger children. It is one of the reasons why children’s toothpaste does not contain fluoride. Too much fluoride can leave white specks on mature teeth, staining and pitting on teeth, problems with bone homeostasis, and dense bones that are not strong.

An overdose of fluoride supplement pills can leave you with the problem of diarrhea, nausea, tiredness, and excessive sweating with the potential of a fatality happening despite being rare. Therefore it is suggested that fluoride treatments be kept out of reach of children.

Rather than concentrate on any side effects you should be trying to understand how studies conducted on children and adolescents proved that the likelihood of them being exposed to the problem of cavities diminished by approximately 43%. Earlier people were using fluoridated water and were 40 percent to 60 percent less prone to the problem of cavities. The American Dental Association and the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention have recommended trace amounts of fluoride to be added to drinking water.

The information provided above should convince you that contacting the dentist in Houston TX is better than developing cavities that can make your trips to the dentist more frequent and expensive because they would be harming your mouth like never before. Therefore you are recommended to consider the affordable option of receiving fluoride treatments to prevent cavities and strengthen your teeth.