Facts You Should Know about Bridges and Partial Dentures

Facts You Should Know about Bridges and Partial Dentures

Sep 01, 2019

Your appearance affects all aspects of your life. A missing tooth can be a source of embarrassment when you try to spot a smile. It also puts a strain on your teeth at both sides.

While you are chewing your food, it might get stuck in the gap. It affects your ‘bite’ and the food that gets stuck in the gap is left unattended. Stuck food causes gum disease and tooth decay. Dentists 77075 treat these problems by replacing the missing teeth.

It is common to have queries about missing teeth and the procedure to replace it. Dentists at Almeda Dental answer some commonly asked questions by the patients:

What is the procedure of replacing the missing teeth?

The procedure used for replacing missing teeth depends upon the number of teeth that need replacing and their location inside the mouth. The dentist assesses the condition of other teeth present in your mouth and considers it before choosing a specific procedure.

There are three ways to replace missing teeth. They are as follows

  • To replace missing teeth with false teeth. This is called partial denture.
  • When the missing teeth are required to be replaced on only one side of the mouth or when they are fewer in number, a fixed bridge is used.
  • To make use of dental implants

A Houston dentist can recommend you the most appropriate procedure as per the requirement.

What is partial denture?

A partial denture is a place consisting of one or many false teeth. These teeth are either made of plastic or are a mixture of plastic and metal. These teeth have clips that hold the denture in place. At times, these clips come into view when you flash a smile or open your mouth wide.

What is difference plastic partial denture and a metal partial denture?

Metal partial dentures are more expensive than plastic partial dentures because they are made from an alloy of cobalt and chromium. But they are comparatively stronger. Plastic partial dentures can damage the teeth if they are not carefully designed. Metal partial dentures are light in weight and easy to wear. Dentist in Houston, TX provide both plastic and metal partial dentures.

How can you determine which one suits your purpose?

Your dentist can recommend the partial denture that suits your needs. It all depends on the state of your remaining teeth.

Can you get a bridge fitted immediately after removal of a tooth?

Once the tooth has been removed, your gums require six months to heal properly. So in case you are planning to get a bridge fitted, your dentist will recommend you to go for a temporary denture.

How can you take care of your denture?

Dentures are not very strong and hence break if they fall. You should keep your dentures clean. Use a brush to clean the surface and then soak them in water. It is recommended that you should not keep your dentures inside your mouth all night long until it’s necessary.

Is there an alternative to partial denture?

Fixed bridge and dental implant are alternatives to partial denture.

Can you get bridges fitted in all cases of missing teeth?

No, you can get a bridge fitted only if you have strong teeth remaining in your mouth. If you google ‘dentist in Houston near me’, you can find Almeda Dental. Their dental team can suggest the best method to replace your missing teeth.

How are bridges created?

Bridges are generally created from porcelain which is bonded to precious metal. At times, non-precious metals are used for the creation of the base which keeps it strong. There are a set of new bridges popular in the market that are prepared from a specific type of powerful porcelain.

Is it expensive to get a bridge?

The cost of getting a bridge is entirely dependent on its size and type. It is recommended that before you start with the dental treatment, ask your dentist to prepare a treatment plan and give you a rough estimate of the procedure. Brides can come across as expensive but they are durable and long-lasting.

If you have missing teeth, it can be a constant source of misery. It affects your appearance and lowers your self-esteem. To get your missing teeth replaced, contact Almeda Dental. They provide bridges and partial dentures in Houston, TX. Book an appointment with them and get your back your smile and your confidence.