Do You Believe Root Canals Are Scary — Let’s Convince You They Aren’t

Do You Believe Root Canals Are Scary — Let’s Convince You They Aren’t

Feb 20, 2020

Everyone believes root canals are scary and shouldn’t be had. No data is available to prove whether people are scared about root canals that they have never undergone or are they fearful of the dental visit? It could be a combination of both because more dentists can be seen in the market than root canals advertising themselves. However, the simple and thankless job of removing the damaged soft pulp from inside the tooth, cleaning and disinfecting the infected area and sealing the tooth rests on the shoulders of the dentist performing the procedure. All this and more to leave you from the pain you are already suffering from. Therefore the question must be asked about whether people are fearing a root canal more than the dentist? Let us look at some of the reasons why you believe the problem will go away by itself.

Is Pain The Only Reason Why You Fear the Procedure?

If you fear the pain from a root canal you shouldn’t be scared of this procedure. You would already be suffering from extreme pain from the damaged or infection inside your tooth. The procedure by itself is relatively painless because of the advances in dental technology. Even the clinic offering root canal near you will be using different levels of sedation dentistry to make sure you hardly feel anything during the procedure.

Discomfort after a Root Canal

A root canal is a surgical procedure and some discomfort can be expected after the anesthesia wears off. The soreness or discomfort will subside soon. Ignoring the root canal would be exposing you to more pain over the next few weeks or months. The myth about the pain from root canals originates from the time anesthetics weren’t readily available and dental tools were not advanced as they are present. Do you notice a common factor in the description provided above? The dentist is the only factor that is involved in the entire procedure making you fearful of the dentist rather than the root canal.

No Pain Doesn’t Mean No Root Canal

If you aren’t experiencing any pain in the tooth it doesn’t mean you don’t need a root canal. The dentist in Houston, TX, may suggest undergoing a procedure if your tooth is unhealthy but is not causing you any pain. The procedure may be necessary if your tooth has extensive work done with large fillings or cracks if you have an infected tooth nerve or pulp, or you don’t want to leave a damaged tooth in your mouth untreated all of which leave dentists with no option but to suggest a root canal to get rid of the problem.

Tooth Extraction a Thought but Not a Solution

You may believe getting the tooth extracted will get rid of the root canal. Yes, it certainly will but what will you do with a gap left behind by the extracted tooth? You won’t be able to find an artificial tooth that can function and work as efficiently as the natural tooth you got extracted. You can certainly consider a dental implant if you have the money to spend and are prepared to wait for six months to have the artificial tooth in your mouth. The clinic conducting the root canal in Houston, TX, will make every effort possible to dissuade you from the thought because it is not a solution simply for avoiding a root canal.

Are Root Canals Really Scary?

A root canal is just another surgical procedure that is carried out by a dental professional and in many cases endodontists that are specialists in treating any problems that occur inside the tooth. The procedure itself is simple and will be completed in a couple of visits to the dental office. Even the local anesthesia administered into your mouth will just feel like a small prick without causing any discomfort.

The endodontists at Almeda dental will drill a small hole in the crown of your teeth to access the infected pulp, remove it, disinfect your tooth, place a temporary filling, and give you the go-ahead to go home and relax immediately after the procedure.

You do not have to fear the root canal or the dentist because one can be removed from your mouth but the other that will be removing it will remain outside your mouth to provide you more attention if needed. This should be a clear sign that you fear the dentist more than the root canal when things should be the other way around. Dentists are not infections but root canals are. Consider thinking things differently and we are certain you will rush to your dentist the moment you feel a slight twinge in any tooth in your mouth.