Causes of Severe Pain after a Tooth Extraction

Causes of Severe Pain after a Tooth Extraction

May 16, 2019

A problem many people face with a tooth extraction is the pain after the extraction. Tooth extraction often is suggested by your dentist to give you relief from the trauma and pain of bearing an infected, broken, or bad tooth. The extraction is thought to be the solution from all existing problems like pain, swelling, irritation, chewing problems etc. But extraction itself often comes with pain after the procedure which you should be able to fight back once you visit an Almeda dentist near you.

What happens if the pain just gets worse?

Why the patch of gum pains after the tooth extraction is a thing to understand. Only when you understand this you may realize the urgency to visit Almeda dental to get it fully treated. Normally the main reasons of getting pain after tooth extraction are:

  • Infection
  • Dry socket
  • Osteonecrosis
  • Sinus perforation

Signs of infection

Infections with continued bleeding, fever, and pain do occur at times after a tooth extraction. In case you already had a pus infected tooth, the Dentist 77075 would suggest being on an antibiotic before the extraction, and continuing it through the course to avoid infection and related pain.

Dry sockets – don’t lose the clot!

This is one of the common reasons for getting pain in the extraction spot. After extraction the gum oozes out some blood at the blank tooth socket. This blood clots and stays there causing pain. If the clot by chance gets removed due to your food or drinks or is removed intentionally, then nerve endings at the socket gets exposed. And this causes more discomfort and pain. The way out is to visit you dentist in Houston TX to get medicated for successful healing of the gum tissues without giving pain.

Sinus cavities getting involved

In rare cases the sinus may get ruptured if the thin membrane between the sinus cavities right above your upper molars gets affected during an extraction.

Dying bone (necrosis)

This is a complicated problem which sometimes happen with cancer patients. The bone of the jaw gets exposed, does not heal, and the bone cells die gradually thereby causing pain. If you find the gums and the patch of ben not healing and getting pain free after 8 weeks of extraction, then you should visit your Houston dentist.