Benefits of Dental Crowns in Dentistry

Benefits of Dental Crowns in Dentistry

Nov 01, 2019

Not everyone is lucky to have a complete set of teeth that are good looking. Some people have to deal with tooth decay, cracks, and breaking of teeth. Others even have to live with missing teeth. However, the fate of your dental appearance can be changed. When you visit your dentist in Houston, TX, you will find that there are many dental solutions for such oral issues. Among the treatments is the use of dental crowns.

A dental crown is a dental appliance that is placed over a tooth to correct different oral issues. Crowns are used to offer protection to a tooth. Dental crown treatment can also be considered a cosmetic procedure because it improves the appearance of teeth. The crowns used in treating patients are natural-looking. This means that once they are installed, it is hard to tell apart the treated tooth from the natural one.

Who Needs Dental Crowns?

A dentist will use dental crowns for specific oral treatments. Some of the situations that necessitate the use of dental crowns include:

  • For decayed teeth – when cavities have eaten into a tooth too much, crowns are used to cover the surface.
  • Cracked or broken teeth – used when the structure of a tooth has been distorted because of chipping and breakage. Dental crowns are used to restore their look.
  • For discolored teeth – crowns are placed over discolored teeth to improve their appearance.
  • For root canal treatment – when you have a tooth pulled out, the root canal is capped with a dental crown to offer protection.
  • For dental bridges – when using artificial teeth to bridge the gap of missing teeth, dental crowns are used to offer support and anchor the bridges.
  • For dental implants – dental crowns are placed over implants used to replace missing teeth

The decision of whether to get dental crowns not should be guided by your dentist in 77075. The dentist will offer you alternative treatments for your situation, and then you can pick one that best befits your needs.

Why Is a Dental Crown the Best option?

A dentist in Houston near you will not force you into having a dental crown for your tooth. Ideally, he/she is only charged with guiding you through the benefits of different procedures in fixing your oral condition. When it comes to dental crowns, some of the benefits include:

  • Aesthetic appeal

Dental crowns are very aesthetically appealing. When the dental crowns in Houston, TX are installed in the affected tooth, it instantly elevates the appearance. This includes color, shape, and feel. Usually, they are made with natural-looking porcelain material. The dentist then selects a shade that is closest to that of your other teeth. This way, you have an even natural-looking smile across all teeth.

  • Teeth strength

Teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but it is not always the case. Sometimes things can happen to shake the stability and longevity of teeth. In that case, dental crowns are used to reinforce the structure and strength. When a dental crown is put in place, a tooth can resume to normal functionality like chewing. Besides, dental crowns are best known for protecting weak teeth from falling apart.

  • Chewing support

Most oral conditions come in the way of proper chewing. For example, when you have a missing tooth or one that is broken, it is hard to chew on anything. Dental crowns cap teeth to ensure that there is a chewing surface for patients to enjoy all the foods they love.

  • Durability 

Dental crowns last for decades after installation. Since the dentist will do a great job in cementing the dental cap to your tooth, the responsibility of maintenance is always in the patient. The better they can take care of their teeth, the longer the crowns last.

  • Prevents decay

The enamel of your tooth is usually removed to make room for the dental cap. This narrows down the chances of your tooth decaying and getting cavities.

  • They are versatile

Dental crowns are among the few dental treatments that can treat several oral conditions. With crowns, you can replace missing teeth, improve discolored teeth, fix chips, cracks, and breakages, support bridges and implants, to mention a few.