About Us

Almeda Dental is the best solution for dental care in Houston, TX. We bring experience and professional service to all our clients. Our focus on family dentistry ensures we always understand your needs and provide continued education on oral health.

Experience and Cutting-Edge Tools

Being an experienced, professional, clinic, we have many advantages. We utilize the most advanced technology, like 3D X-rays and Portable Intra Oral X-Rays, which are more comfortable and far more accurate. Often, our procedures are faster and lead to better results while being less invasive than the service of our competitors. We want to not only take exceptional care of you, but we want you to be comfortable.

Unparalleled 3-Year Warranty

While we believe our work is top-notch, we want you to have confidence in it, as well. To give you that peace of mind, we also stand behind our work with a 3-Year Warranty on many dental works, such as dental crowns, bridges, removal partials, implants, and other services, exclusions apply. Crowns, fillings, implants—whatever dental work you receive from us, we will ensure it lasts. You can rest assured your quality care will last long after you leave our chair.

Accommodating Service

Because we focus on our clients as people and equal partners in the mission to improve oral health, we are proud to speak multiple languages. Strong communication begins when you step through our doors. Whether you speak English, Spanish, or Vietnamese, we can provide best-in-class communication along with our service. Don’t settle for a dentist who can’t communicate the nuanced details of oral care.


Our excellent care is made even better with our special promotions. We are currently offering a free X-ray and free exam. Additionally, our Grand Opening Special gives you the opportunity to be one of our first 100 patients, who will receive a free t-shirt, and a free one-hour in-office teeth whitening session! But hurry, because this great deal won’t last forever.

Choose the Best in Service

It’s important to choose the best dentist in Houston, TX. With our experience, excellent customer service, and advanced technology, we hope to partner with you in caring for your oral health for years to come.

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